Vrijplaats Leiden

De sociaal-culturele vrijplaats in Leiden.

Andrei Senkevich [BLR] (live)

Datum: zaterdag 23 juni
Aanvang: 21:00
Entree: Donatie

Andrei Senkevich is a singer-songwriter from Minsk, Belarus. He plays indie folk music. Over the last few years he and his band have visited many countries with tours. And now they are working on the next multilingual album in 7 languages. After new tour in Iceland and Germany he will be playing some solo gigs in the Netherlands, one of those is also at our place.


These are songs about the roads and the distances, love and sincerity, dreams and changes. Every song is not just a story or a tale, it’s a cry of soul and a call to action or at least thoughts about it.


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