Vrijplaats Leiden

De sociaal-culturele vrijplaats in Leiden.

Festival met oa. THE FLAMENCO THIEF (uk), ATLANTIC CABLE (it/cz/can) & DJ FRANCESCO

Datum: zaterdag 29 november
Aanvang: 21:00

Vrijplaats-A2THE FLAMENCO THIEF (uk)
One guy, one guitar, looppedals and percussion. Flamenco... but
slightly different! Upbeat, danceable flamenco, with elements of ska,
rumba and beats! Named as one of the "rising stars" in the British
scene. Currently he is doing a 10 month tour through all of Europe,
including Turkey, Morocco, playing over 200 shows this year.
ATLANTIC CABLE (it/cz/can)
A banjoplayer from Canada, an Italian playing on a stripped drumkit
and a Czech guy on bass. Think JJ Cale singing hillbilly tunes about
pseudoscience, inspired by spaghetti westerns. All the way from
Prague, where they are based.
LSD MOSSEL (eindhoven)
Insane duo playing psychedelic noise&grind on a toydrumkit.
Constellations (den haag) - soundscapes of homemade handorgans.
DJ FRANCESCO (leiden) 
All songs ever made between Canada and Senegal, and beyond... 

entree: suggested donation (~5 à 10 euro). start 21.00

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