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Films: Back On My Feat Again & Swamp Dialogues

Datum: vrijdag 12 december
Aanvang: 21:00

back on my feat

Back on my feet again (2014, Lysander Wiering)

This is a film is about Makom; a center for homeless people in Amsterdam. Lysander follows different stories of visitors there.
Why do the people visit this place? And what does homelessness mean to them?


Swamp Dialogues (2014, Ildikó Plájás)


“The last European sanctuary”, the Danube Delta in Romania, is a Unesco World Heritage Site. While big efforts are invested to protect the biodiversity, the
situation of the disempowered and marginalized local communities is not so bright. Moreover they are confronted by the traumatic nature of the swamp – social scientists claim.
But is it really the “swamp” that is traumatic for the locals?


Both directors will be present to introduce and discuss their movies!

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