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The Moody Orchestra [DE] (live)

Datum: zaterdag 30 juli
Aanvang: 22:00

moody orchestra
the moody orchestra is a project of Amsterdam based, German singersongwriter Tobias Oeckler.

While mostly playing live on his own, his recorded works reach from fragile songwriting craft to collaborated tunes in more orchestrated garments, so to say. His latest albums “A Big Step” and “Aum”, that he simultaneously self-produced, clearly show this vibrant mix of contradicting opposites.

His songs are characterized by their personal and poetic lyrics, sometimes cryptic and mysterious, sometimes chrystal clear, but almost always carried out in a cleansing melancholic mood.

The Moody Orchestra will perform two 45 minute sets this night
doors open: 21:00
start 1st set: 22:00
after the 2nd set DJ Chill Co. will spin a 60’s Southern soul set with a New Orleans funk & roots reggae twist in the downstairs bar area
entree: Donation
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