Vrijplaats Leiden

De sociaal-culturele vrijplaats in Leiden.

Nobody Answers Questions (krautrock, audio-visual show)

Datum: vrijdag 12 oktober
Aanvang: 22:00
Entree: Donatie

Music, light, noise and colours.


NAQ (Nobody Answers Questions) is the dialogue between a musician and a projectionist, turned into an audio-visual
journey, where sound and image grow, vibrate and dance together like a storm on the water.


Sometimes it feels like Ippio Payo, who here builds complex live looped krautrock arrangements, conducts the terms
of the dramaturgy. But a splash of color, a frenetic movement or a majestic sweep of light across the stage by video artist Genelabo reasserts that this is indeed a very intricate conversation, the fruit of over 12 years of collaboration between the artists.
Together, they pull the audience in their interwoven performance like a storm swallows a ship, a tempest where time becomes elastic and questions hang in the air between waves of intensity : What comes next? How much more can I take?

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