Vrijplaats Leiden

De sociaal-culturele vrijplaats in Leiden.

Noodweer presents: Casper Prager & Annefloor Hooijer

Datum: zaterdag 30 maart
Aanvang: 16:00

As per usual Noodweer invites artists from the local pool of talent to come and exhibit their work at the Vrijplaats.
This edition, Casper Prager & Annefloor Hooijer:

Casper Prager combines traditional blacksmithing techniques with modern form and design.

He decided to study this traditional craft at the prestigious National School for Blacksmithing and Metalwork in Hereford, and now lives and works in Amsterdam being the proud owner of his own forge. He spends his time trying to breathe new life into an ancient craft. His work can take any shape, but always has a strong graphic style all of it’s own.

At Gallery Noodweer Casper will be showing a variety of work surrounding the human form in motion, some models for public sculpture and a video, documenting the making of one of the pieces, made at the forge.

Find out more about Casper at: www.casperdesmid.nl and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/casperdesmid

Annefloor Hooijer is hard to pin down. Her work speaks of longing and dreams, the way the world is and the way the world ought to be. Best just to come see for yourself.

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