Vrijplaats Leiden

De sociaal-culturele vrijplaats in Leiden.

S A R R A M [ITA] + Cinema Perdu [NL] (live) – Drone & Ambient

Datum: zaterdag 21 april
Aanvang: 20:00
Entree: 5 EURO

Charnel Ground & Vrijplaats Leiden present:

S A R R A M (ITA):

A guitar based ambient/drone project from Nuoro, Sardegna by Valerio Marras (Charun).

“S A R R A M is what could be called serious experimental – you don’t have to be very well versed in the six strings yourself to hear that there is much musical talent hiding even in the noisiest parts of this album. That doesn’t mean this is just some jazz musician showing how great he is with his guitar. Rather, the technical skills have been submerged into a deeply emotional tribute to a landscape, in a way that many other musicians probably would struggle to make work.

If you miss out on S A R R A M, you miss out on some very strange, very beautiful music. So don’t.” Archaic Triad (February ’17)



Cinema Perdu:

Martijn Pieck (the [Law-Rah] Collective & Woodbender) is an experimental artist from the Netherlands who has years of experience in various musical projects. As Cinema Perdu, Martijn creates beautiful ambient soundscapes mixed with drones & field recordings.



DJ set by: Mark O’Shea



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Doors: 20:00
Damage: €5

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