Vrijplaats Leiden

De sociaal-culturele vrijplaats in Leiden.


Datum: donderdag 19 november
Aanvang: 20:00
Entree: 3 euro

12029618_866056696823205_7719832072801299719_oStrotter Inst.allation is an audible musical installation made with turntables. It will be constructed in the Generator room of the Vrijplaats. The anacronistic machineries have dual roles as instruments and as objects. The abbreviation “Inst.” can both mean “instrument” or “installation”. The objects and installations are putting the focal point on the static presence of the turntables. Not the playing them, but their own movement and their kind of operating define the object.


A second theme is creating sounds out of the conditions of the turntables and the material or shape of the records. The optical comprehension of how the sound is generated gets more and more important. The turntable is not just moving, it’s in movement itself. (The turntable gets his honour, not the dj!) If used in the insatllations, the records do not just reproduce, they are the source themselves (The wholesales article is reborn as an original)


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