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Unplugged Session September

Datum: donderdag 28 september
Aanvang: 20:00

Hey yes that’s right we changed the date of the event. It’s not the 3rd Wednesday but Thursday 28th of September.


Because we got in touch with the friendly people at Sofar Sounds Leiden and they have a very nice event on the 20th. They have a fundraising night with songwriter for Amnesty International Nederland.

We like to give to a little support so we moved our night. Also it helps out Theater en productiehuis De Generator to get ready for the performance that same week.

So check you calendar and change the date. We love to see you on the 28th (Thursday)…. also we will have some cool news about the upcoming month of Unplugged.



* Leave us a message in the Facebook event to ensure your spot!
* Inform us about your set-up AND preferred time.
* Not on Facebook? unpluggedleiden@gmail.com

There are about 8 or 9 spots. When we have too many sign-ups we’ll introduce the waiting list. You’ll be notified personally if you’re on it.


* Please come to the Vrijplaats at 19:45
* Everyone’s allowed to play 3 songs
* MAX 1 cover!
* All performances will be in a semi-acoustic setting
* We can offer a total of 6 audio tracks (using 4 mics, 4 DI max)
* Amps / drums are not allowed

Would you like to bring your keyboard or electric piano? Please do so, and let us know!


The music kicks off at 20:00, so be on time in case you don’t want to miss anything!

Please like our FB page to stay updated: http://www.facebook.com/unpluggedleiden

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