Vrijplaats Leiden

De sociaal-culturele vrijplaats in Leiden.

VRIJPLAATS FESTIVAL #3 w/ Zea (a’dam), Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva (r’dam), Ivan Čkonjević (serbia) + DJ Petrol Molotov (delft/italy)

Datum: zaterdag 26 september
Aanvang: 21:00

vrijplaats festival

New edition of this FREE festival! After the fully packed show last March, we continue with another edtion, And again an international line-up of outstanding (solo!) musicians&artists from different scenes and a dj that will make YOU dance!


(a’dam, electropunkpopavantgarde)


Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva
(r’dam, live music, black/white silent movies)


Ivan Čkonjević
(serbia, soundscapes/ambient/postrock&visuals)


Hélène Courrier
(fr/nl, french poetry&sounds)


DJ Petrol Molotov
(it/nl, international beats to the max)


Start: 21.00.


Below is more information, links, etc.:


ZEA (amsterdam)
Since a few years Arnold de Boer is the frontman of the legendary
Dutch band The Ex. For many many years he is also known as Zea. One
man with a guitar and some electronics. Going from the Netherlands to
the US to Ethiopia of Ghana, to the Balkans and Spain; he is
a-l-w-a-y-s on the road.

“Songs that hold no stock in normality or convention and while the
ingredients can come from all different corners of the world, and from
all sorts of styles, the listener will always hear this unique form of
a song that is as joyfully as it is obstinate and as energetic as it
is catchy.”


Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva is an outstanding musician and visual
artist. He uses his bass to create samples and effects. This brings
him from funk to jazz to hip hop to avant-garde and whatmore… This
night he will perform his new composed scores for two short movies,
Alice in Wonderland (from 1903) and Satan at Play (from 1907).


Ivan Čkonjević (Novi Sad, Serbia) is playing electric guitar, mostly treating it as a bowed instrument. This way he creates music that often is named as soundscapes, ambient, post-rock.
In addition to his solo performances, he was active as a member of post-rock band Ana Never, Orkestar Gradovi Utočišta. Over the years he collaborated with various musicians, poets and fimmakers.
He is a member of “K.N.A.P.” from Novi Sad and is one of the organizers of Improstor, dedicated to improvised music (improstor.blogspot.com)



Dr. Hélène Courrier is a chemist, writer and visual artist. We consider her as a local, since she lives here for 15 years now. She writes poetry and is currently working on a book about sience for childeren. We invited Hélène because of her poetry. All in French.


DJ PETROL MOLOTOV (italy/delft)
Amazing dj! He plays some innovative dance music of gypsy music, reggae, breakbeat, mashups, jungle, swing, rock and roll, world beat and all sorts of funky stuff. He spins his tunes all over Europe, including events like Fusion Festival and Boomtown Fair. “Better enjoyed with a sequence of wicked dance moves”.


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