Vrijplaats Leiden

De sociaal-culturele vrijplaats in Leiden.

VrijplaatsFestival Craig Sutton Antez Hurricane Joe dj Francesco

Datum: zaterdag 06 juli
Aanvang: 21:30
Entree: 5 euro

It’s been a while since we made this event… soooo… there we go!


Craig Sutton (uk)
Dance-able experimental mix of rumba, hiphop, flamenco, percussion and whatmore on guitar & loops & electronics.
(t.a.f.k.a. the flamenco thief)


Continuum by Antez (fr)
On the edge of music and performance-art, Antez brings an intense soundscape of drone. Just one drum, one lamp, lots of iron and endless circles. Mindblowing.


Hurricane Joe (bruja)
Narco-based country & western.


DJ Francesco (leiden)
Will deliver you the best world music & not-so-world-music.

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