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Charnel Ground presents: Offerbeest, Svartvit & Zyrtax

Datum: zaterdag 22 december
Aanvang: 20:30
Entree: € 5

Charnel Ground presents:


Offerbeest: Maurice De Jong has never shied away from exploring the darker side of humanity, but for the latest project from the mastermind behind Gnaw Their Tongues and Aderlating, he figuratively journeys to its heart. Offerbeest moves away from the stygian blackness and infernal churn typically associated with his work, but delivers its own slice of nightmarish qualities.


(Noise/Power Electronics/Drone)


Svartvit: Svartvit is a Dutch harsh noise project that was started in 2008 by sound artist Kevin Jansen (Erstwhile, QUALM & the тide øf тhe εnd). Svartvit takes influences from a wide spectrum including but definitely not limited to; Vienna Aktionism, socio-political topics, underground punk music, Russian constructivism as well as his contemporaries like Sword Heaven, The Rita, Prurient & Vomir.


(Harsh Noise Violence)


Zyrtax: Harsh and industrial soundscapes by Johnny van de Koolwijk.



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