Vrijplaats Leiden

De sociaal-culturele vrijplaats in Leiden.


Datum: vrijdag 27 maart
Aanvang: 20:30
Entree: A donation of 5 euro minimum


Hotel Suburbia and Vrijplaats Leiden are happy and proud to present to you the first Drone Cinema Film Festival.This is a non-competitive curated film festival curated and hosted by non other than one of the masters of drone: Kim Cascone.During his last visit to Leiden Kim performed in the Qbus Club Leiden and was introduced to the Vrijplaats. After The Generator was built Kim was inspired to create a Drone Cinema Festival especially for the Vrijplaats.


All during last year he was searching for independent, unique and compelling work in film, experimental video and animation.


“The drone forms the basis of much world music, from Early Music to Ragas to Folk Music to experimental electronic music, Drone Music places the viewer in a space that exists outside of time, inducing a transcendental state of consciousness and visions of ancient exotic landscapes infused with eastern philosophies.”


All interested film-makers and sound/media artists were encouraged to submit work for consideration. By December 2014 he selected 9 films which are to be shown at this festival. To complete the evening he has invited his friends Frans de Waard and Martijn Comes to play some live drone’s before and after the films.


The programme for the evening:
20:30 15 – 20 minute live drone set

21:00 Stewart Collinson – “Transitus Siderum”
Asha Tamarisa – “OX”
Kris Force – “Leukos”
Gary Weisberg – “Particle Streams”
Michael Seta – “[*]nScape”

22:00 — intermission —

22:30 Tristan McGuire – “A98point4”
Curgenven & Wendt – “Lit”
Scott Barley & Rob Easychord – “Polytechnique”
Anechoicmedia – “TBA”

23:30 15 – 20 minute live drone set

00:00 “Internet DJ” downstairs

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Kim Cascone
Director/Curator, Drone Cinema Film Festival

Doors: 19:30
Entrance fee: A donation of 5 euro minimum
Your contribution is highly appreciated

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