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Mush [UK] (live folk noir) & dj Anaoi

Datum: vrijdag 04 mei
Aanvang: 20:30
Entree: Donation, 5 euro suggestion


Mush (Newcastle Upon Tyne – UK) is an eclectic mix of folk, wrapped in a quilt of pop/country and blues, classically bound with rich pre-Rapahelite colour. Their stories and sound spans centuries.
Mush, with Nicky Rushton as frontwoman and chief songwriter, evolved out of the success of ‘All Because The Lady Loves’ (Rushton/Collins) (Roundabout Records) who achieved great success in the 80’s and 90’s, releasing 4 studio albums and touring extensively in the UK and Europe. Mush have been together with Rushton/Van Jellie as its core, since the mid 90’s.


After the band DJ Anaoi will please your ears with some crazy-happy-go-lucky dansable tunes.


Check out www.mushnewcastle.co.uk and get a taste of Mush at www.bandcamp.com/wearemush

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