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Screening Film: Ways + optreden het Brandt

Datum: zaterdag 13 juni
Aanvang: 21:00

De Nederlandse Filmmaker Harko Wubs presenteert zijn laatste film Ways (Wegen). Daarnaast treedt hij op met zijn band Het Brandt.

About ´Ways´

The film shows many different faces of one city (Nijmegen, the Netherlands). For every citizen, the city appears completely different. We see many citizens in their daily lives and there are no main characters in the film. As these people in the city are moving within their own well-known living spaces, a city map and a musical score arises, based upon the dynamics of these differents ways of life.

The film is made in close cooperation with Prof. dr. Henk van Houtum (Research Professor Geopolitics of Borders, University of Bergamo and Associate Professor Geopolitics and Political Geography of the Radboud University Nijmegen, Head of the Nijmegen Centre for Border Research). It is is a free interpretation of his research project ´imagining the city´. In this research project he wanted to create a citymap that shows that the city is not only sleeping, like the map is usually showing us (the houses, the ground, the real estate) but to show the movable property. Because people are making the city. With GPS trackers for example, he tried to capture peoples movements, emotions, identity, feelings or activitities on a map instead of their territory.

The film is a unique cooperation between social science and (film)art. The film is not a traditional scientific film in the way that it simply present facts or results of a research period. It is in the first place another way of telling stories and another way to get absorbed in other peoples lives and thoughts. The research project ´imagining the city´ inspired the filmmaker to make a moving documentary, to visualize a scientific view and to tell a story about the world around us in another language than we are used to: Film language.

More information about the movie and Harko Wubs: http://www.zaaigrondfilm.nl/

Het Brandt

Het Brandt maakt folkmuziek met een bluesrand en brengt in de Lente van 2015 haar eerste full-length uit op vinyl. Ze brengen suggestie en vervreemding in een sfeervolle setting. Live hebben ze op vele plekken gespeeld, van bibliotheek tot trein, van boot tot boekenwinkel en van huiskamer tot poppodium.

Meer informatie: http://www.hetbrandt.nl/

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