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Sojo Sunday: Thankful for What?

Datum: zondag 17 november
Aanvang: 10:30
Entree: Free

With the world constantly in a state of turmoil and lives full of home-grown stress, it can often be hard to pause and be thankful. This Sunday we will do just that and work on our gratitude journals. Bring one if you have already started such an endeavor. If not, we will have journals on hand to help you start your journey of gratitude.

Sojourners Fellowship is a small, English-speaking community of people from many spiritual paths who come together to pause and explore life’s great questions through diverse contemplative practices and thoughtful dialogue.


ALL who come in peace are welcome, including but not limited to: believers, agnostics and questioning skeptics; those of all sexual orientations and gender identities; those of all races, nationalities, classes and abilities.


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