Vrijplaats Leiden

De sociaal-culturele vrijplaats in Leiden.


Datum: zaterdag 17 augustus
Aanvang: 21:00
Entree: donatie

Storytellers maakt ontspannen muziek, die in hun stijl beïnvloed is door raggae en verschillende soorten rock. Ze bespelen instrumenten als de de gitaar, didgeridoo, kazoo en een kleine bassdrum. Storytellers speelt al ruim drie jaar op plekken als huiskamers, festivals en vanavond in de Vrijplaats.



Enige uitleg over de achtergrond van hun muziek

is about our struggle against
repression and economical slavery
      loosing a friend;
is a song dedicated to a friend
of us who died
is about freedom and anti fascism
it is one of our more punky lyrics
is about our former singer who
thought he was a reincarnation
of johnny rotten, but actually
he was more like sid vicious
chichileo is an expression in italy
if you smoke but don’t know
who u pass it to then u say chichileo
the first to answer gets the spliff
      grey butterfly;
is our first song and is about
hypocrites in general and about
people who are metaforically walk
over grey butterflies in a grey world
      imaginary friend;
during travelling we saw many people
lost in this world and their lonelyness
and start to talk to their imaginary friend/s
        puppet string;
is about people who are puppets but don’t
realise it.they sold there soul to the puppet
player who pulls their strings.

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