Vrijplaats Leiden

De sociaal-culturele vrijplaats in Leiden.

UNPLUGGED presents: Book Club (USA), Songs by Suzy (NL) and Swing Lo’ (NL)

Datum: zaterdag 23 april
Aanvang: 20:00

Unplugged presents

Get ready for 3 sweet acoustic acts from Atlanta (USA) and Leiden! A special night brought to you by UNPLUGGED. What to expect?


BOOK CLUB (Atlanta, GA, USA)
Honest tales of love and heartache. Folksy songwriter Robbie Horlick brings his acoustic stories to De Vrijplaats on his first-ever European tour. Sounds like: Cash, Petty, Dylan and Reed with a pop/indie spin.


A fun blend of jazz, pop and cabaret. With disarming songs about flies, world problems (men) and the weather, Suzanne Burdorf and her band celebrate both the moments of happiness and the small tragedies of life.


SWING LO’ (Leiden, NL)
Songwriter-duo for your daily dose of melancholy. Jaime Korbee and Zyno Mylonas bring dark, semi-acoustic songs inspired by the likes of Fink, Editors and Tallest Man on Earth.


Entrance fee: our Donation Pig will kindly ask you to help us making this night possible!

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