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Unplugged Session April – 5th Anniversary Edition

Datum: woensdag 19 april
Aanvang: 20:00



Hieperdepiep! On the 19th of April we celebrate the 5th anniversary of Unplugged. And you are all invited to come down and party with us! What to expect? Balloons! Champagne! And live music of course! Prepare for special performances and collaborations by historic Unplugged acts. More info will follow soon. Hoera!


Five years already? Indeed, in 2012 we started our monthly open-mic at De Twee Spieghels. After a couple of great years over there we moved to De Vrijplaats, which is still our home each month.


Prepare for special performances, surprises and collaborations by:

Songs by Suzy
The Backalleys
Damiaan van Noort
Somersault baby


The music kicks off at 8, so be on time in case you don’t want to miss anything!

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