Vrijplaats Leiden

De sociaal-culturele vrijplaats in Leiden.

VRIJPLAATS FESTIVAL 2015 (o.a. Dan Geesin, Kopfleuchten & De Stokers)

Datum: zaterdag 14 maart
Aanvang: 20:30


Vrijplaats-FB-2DAN GEESIN (uk/nl)

…broke Roger Waters swimming pool thermometer and did poos all over
Pete Townsends lawn but that was a long time ago in a village far far

Filmmaker, artist and musician Dan Geesin won a “Gouden Kalf” for best
short film in 2011 for the movie “Elephant Feet”, which showcases the
same absurdist sense of humor as in his songs.

With his voice and two antique organs he tells strange little stories,
set to music that goes against the grain and is also very enchanting
in a genre that he calls ‘Folunk’. Sort of like Ivor Cutler but more
80’s pop or punk. Although living in the Netherlands, in the shaking
and cracked highlands of northern Groningen, he is not performing so
often anymore, so take your chance…

The movie “Elephant Feet” will also be shown with Dan’s concert.

About the movie;
“Thomas is a white foreigner in a white land where his new job is
foreign to him. There is a black foreigner outside who is at home.
Thomas does not feel at home in his colourful aquarium but slowly
makes connections where he least expects”.



Sascha Schmitt is an outstanding accordion-musician from Germany. He
makes instrumental music, which some describe as “neo-classical
music”. Sometimes he makes music for movies; mostly he plays alone,
sometimes with friends. If he plays with friends, it’s with one of the
best folk/singersong-bands from the Netherlands, Birdt (www.birdt.nl).
Live he plays his music with accordion and glockenspiel. He will just
released a brand new lp, which also includes parts with piano and



UMGEBUNG & KNOERT KNOEPERT (rotterdam/utrecht)
Birds, suits and whistleblowers is what you can expect from Utrechts’
finest Umgebung. According to the high-society Knoert Knoepert is “thé
formula that will change gold into lead”. Put all these blends on the
same stage, at the same time, and you know what this means… You do?



DE STOKERS (leiden/hoofdorp/amsterdam)
With roots in band like De Hardheid and Solid Rocket Boosters you know
you can expect a crazy mix of polka, punk, ska, klezmer and balkan,
and maybe even “smartlappen”, The result is a seven (7) (!) piece band
that brings a bizar mix of melancholic “hoempapunk” with dutch lyrics.
Since 2009 they’ve played numerous of venues and did performances at
the festivals Oerol, Into The Great Wild Open and Rollende Keukens
Festival. Tonight they will play acoustic, but with the same




Best dj in town for the most exotic tunes from all scenes from all
over the planet.


20.30 start with the Dan Geesins’ “Elephant Feet”.
Entrance is free / donation (~5,- – 10,-)

Reacties zijn gesloten.