Vrijplaats Leiden

De sociaal-culturele vrijplaats in Leiden.

VRIJPLAATS FESTIVAL #4 w/ Laura Cannell (uk), Kanipchen-Fit (nl), The Flamenco Thief (uk) + DJ Daniel Quiros (sp)

Datum: zaterdag 21 november
Aanvang: 20:00

vrijplaats festival

New edition of this FREE festival! And again an international line-up
of outstanding musicians&artists


Laura Cannell (uk; violin&double flute- medieval music)
Kanipchen-Fit (nl/us; poetic hamonic noise)

The Flamenco Thief (uk, flamenco bt slightly different..)
DJ Daniel Quiros (spain, dancedancedance)

Magical. And mindblowing! Laura plays fiddle with a deconstructed
violin bow – hairs over the top of the fiddle and stick underneath,
giving a 4 string hurdy-gurdy droning effect. She reconstructs the
music of 12th century mystic&nun Hildegard Von Bingen on double
flute, her left hand weaving an alto counterpoint around the right
hand melody.

Her visit to Leiden is part of her special visit to the Netherlands in
order to play the amazing Le Guess Who Festival in Utrecht.

Check her music and videos!!




KANIPCHEN-FIT (a'dam/usa)
Since 2004, Kanipchen-Fit is a noisy, raucous and whole-hearted
three-piece band, fronted by Empee Holwerda (ex- of the great dutch
bands Lul and Solbakken) on guitar and vocals and performance artiste
and poet Gloria (from the usa). Now they play with drummer Frank Sloos
(ex-drummer for bands amazing dutch bands Treble Spankers, Big Paulus
and many more).
Their strong suit is making an intelligent and inspiring racket. The
songs are simple and straightforward with double vocals and unexpected
rhythmic and harmonic changes. Shifting from aggressive pieces to
melancholic songs, with lots of funky moves in between. They groove to
Nina Simone to Bad Brains. This trio takes on very diverse subjects
like; prison entertainment, heroic alcoholics, torture on the radio,
and late night braggadocio. They released their album “Multibenefit”
and a 7″ with Zea.



Back in Leiden, back at Vrijplaats! One guy, one guitar, looppedals
and percussion. Flamenco… but slightly different! Upbeat, danceable
flamenco, with elements of ska, rumba and beats! Named as one of the
“rising stars” in the British scene. He is always on the road, playing
over 400 shows in 2,5 years. Just returned from Ukraine, Romania and
Serbia. Next year he will head to Brazil. Never a dull moment.



Big collector and passioned of records , he had his own records shop
Minimal Stock in Granada and Amsterdam specialized in vinyl . He has
all kind of styles of music which he enjoys mixing strictly in viny in
all his formats 7″,10″12″. He is an old school vinyl dj with great
skill and precisicion. His passion for music and his connection with
the audience will make people experience an unforgettable time!


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